Our Team



    Group Leader

    Jack Henry is an avid outdoorsman from Maine. Growing up in a rural area, most of his time spent was spent outside. Progressing into long distance hiking (Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail) he has continued to pursue his love of the outdoors at every turn.

    Coming to work for Manikang has helped him follow his dream of seeing the majestic Himalayas and the wonderful country of Nepal. As a westerner he is a great resource for any potential trekkers with questions about the trekking or Manikang.

    He hopes to see you out in the mountains!

    "The mountains are calling and I must go." -John Muir.

  • Tenzing Sherpa

    Tenzing Sherpa

    Executive Director

    Tenzing Sherpa was born in the Sagarmatha Region, Solukhumbu, in the very shadow of Everest itself. It was his father, an experienced guide, who inspired the teenage Tenzing to become involved in the tourism and trekking sector. Tenzing went on to work for several well-known trekking agencies, climbing up the professional ladder to the position of licensed trekking guide.
    It was while working at Himalayan Magic Adventure that Tenzing met Pasang and the decision was made to establish their own trekking company. ‘Our goals and way of thinking were the same,’ Tenzing explains, ‘while our specialist knowledge was different and complementary. I had practical experience in the field as a guide, while Pasang was skilled in handling logistics and administrative matters.’
    The result was the birth of Manikang Nepal Treks and Adventure, ‘a young and dynamic company,’ as Tenzing says, ‘which can make not only our dreams come true but those of our clients as well.’

  • Pasang Bal

    Pasang Bal

    Managing Director

    Pasang Bal Tamang, the owner of Manikang Nepal Treks and Adventure, was born in the Temal, Kavrepalanchock district of Nepal. A member of the Tamang ethnic group, he followed in his family’s footsteps and started working in the trekking sector on graduating from high school. He held various positions in the trekking world, working his way up the professional ladder to the position of acting manager at Himalayan Magic Adventure and also gaining experience in the hotel industry. Finally, he established his own company in partnership with Tenzing Sherpa.

    ‘Our aim is to develop the business by offering competitive prices to our clients along with the highest levels of personal and flexible service, while at the same time providing fair, living wages to our porters and guides,’ says Pasang.