Welcome Note From Manikang


The name ‘Manikang’ has a deep symbolic and cultural meaning:

Manikang Nepal Treks & Adventure is a young and vibrant company owned and operated by representatives of Nepal’s Tamang and Sherpa ethnic groups which have their origins on the other side of the Himalaya in Tibet. Both Tamang and Sherpa are rooted in Buddhist traditions as well as being ‘mountain people’, and the company’s distinctive name reflects this.

  • Mani, literally meaning ‘jewel’, denotes religious acts of compassion and love. The term is most commonly associated with mani stones inscribed with the core mantra of Tibetan Buddhism Om mani padme hum.
  • Kang, on the other hand, is a word of Tibetan origin meaning ‘snow’. It is used in variant forms in the names of many Himalayan mountains: Kangtega (‘Snow Saddle’) on the way to EBC; Kanchenjunga (‘The five treasures of the high snow’) lies on the border of Nepal and Sikkim; and Mount Kailash in Tibet itself is locally known as Kang Rinpoche.
  • Nepal is our amazing landlocked country, small but full of variety and charm. In altitude it ranges from just 59m above sea level in the tropical Terai on the northern rim of the Gangetic Plain, to some 90 peaks over 7,000m including Mount Everest or Sagarmatha, at 8,848m the highest point on our planet. As a result Nepal is rich in biodiversity while its culture blends that of its two neighbours, India and Tibet, in unique and often surprising ways.
  • Treks & Adventure: Manikang is committed to providing its clients with unforgettable experiences and a wealth of memories backed by professional service and support. We can customize cultural tours, trekking and road safaris—or a blend of all three—in accordance with our client’s requirements in terms of length, budget and expectations. We welcome both groups and solo travellers of all ages and strive to do our utmost to cater for their specific needs. All trips are escorted by licensed, English-speaking guides (other languages can also be catered for), with porters for treks provided on request.

Manikang Nepal Treks & Adventure is waiting to show you the best that our country has to offer.